Dispute Resolution

We offer representation in various dispute forums, including acting as an expert witness.

An amicable settlement through negotiation is preferable to the adversarial processes of arbitration or litigation.

However, in instances where the amicable settlement process fails to resolve the dispute we are able to represent our clients in the appropriate forum.

Where necessary, we engage the services of legal counsel and we also offer our services as expert witnesses for arbitration and litigation. We are able to accept appointments as expert witnesses relating to, amongst other issues, quantum, delay and disruption, forensic planning and programming.

Kingsbourne is used by some of the leading law firms in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as with the foremost Counsel specialising in construction and building disputes.

We are able to provide a team with a broad range of professional qualifications, skills and experience spanning law, engineering, contract and commercial management, project management, planning and quantity surveying.