Claims & Variations

The Construction Industry has a reputation for disputes and conflict. For example, it is estimated that 50% of all legal costs incurred in construction projects are associated with disputes and that 10% of the total project cost was legal costs. The correct preparation and submission of variations and contractual claims is fundamental to the parties’ success in being awarded additional time and monies on a project.

Failure to adhere to the very strict procedures laid down in the various contracts will in most cases render the claim invalid. To avoid claims being rejected it is vital that the correct procedures are followed.

We offer expert advice in claims formulation and settlement.

We assist our clients in the preparation and defence of time and/or money claims.

Claims include extension of time claims, delay and disruption claims, acceleration claims and claims for additional costs.

We formulate strategies, taking into account the terms and conditions of contract, the surrounding factual matrix and the rights, obligations and remedies of the parties.

All work is carried out with minimum disruption to the client’s team, thus ensuring their availability to continue with the on-going management of the project.

Our work includes the following:

  • Advising and assisting in the drafting of notices and other correspondence
  • Preliminary investigations into the merits of claims
  • Providing written opinions on the prospects of success
  • Formulating claim submissions, including motivation, preparing programmes, schedules and other supporting documentation such as detailed delay analysis and forensic planning, and the quantification of entitlements
  • Managing correspondence and setting up suitable systems for records to be maintained for future use in the resolution and avoidance of disputes
  • Advising on settlement.